Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Venti Soy Mocha

I love working at a coffee shop for the reason you get to meet so many interesting people.

While at work yesterday one of my regulars came in and I made there usual drink, One Venti Soy Chocolate Mocha. In the process of making the drink I asked, “why the soy?” They informed me that there stomach was the master and that they were the slave. They described that when really stressed they suffer serious stomach issues and for that reason any type of drink or food makes it worse.

This customer was a slave to the stomach. Are you a slave to the stomach? Am I a slave to my stomach? It goes deeper too I think than being a slave to my actual stomach. It goes to being a slave to those deepest desires that somehow I know are wrong but I continue to feed them. My soul is hungry for food and not just chicken soup. My soul longs for the day to be loved and love. My soul yearns for the meaning of life, which really means the job I will do for the rest of my life, even though the meaning is much richer and deeper than just an external work. My soul thirsts for water that will quench the parch desperation of being wanted and needed by others. The reality is we are that customer; however the hope is greater and more profound than the stresses we are faced with everyday.

The stomach and the cravings will die as will we.

The spirit will live for eternity in Heaven or Hell.

The spirit can and will give us the strength here in the present if we feed it the very thing it needs.

What are you feeding your soul via the spirit? Are heart is a great home for cleanness or uncleanness. It’s what comes out of that heart that determines what is going to shape tomorrow. Yes, there are choices of others that have effect on our lives and I’m convinced though we have a choice how we respond to those choices. We must become a slave to a new master, a master who is humble, loving, merciful, forgiving, and above all else God. He is what we need, He is what will give us life, He is what will help us to conquer the stresses of everyday life for his burden is light, He is exactly what our soul and spirit hunger for He Himself created us with a piece of Him in us. We have been separated by sin and have the access to be reconciled to Him through His son Jesus.

Jesus claimed to have living water and be the bread of life. He has the key to a new life and a new creation beginning inward and working its way outward.

What bread will we eat today and what water will we drink today?