Sunday, January 25, 2009

End of January

Well, we have kicked of the new year and we're almost through the end of the first month. WOW!

I've been busy running until last week when I hurt my leg in an unrelated running injury.

It has been humbling experience and has just taught me that running isn't everything. I may or may not had been getting a little obsessed about running. I have only one Lord and He is Jesus. It's hard to live that out some days but the reality is the power of the Holy Spirit. The potential to overcome anything by a strength and spirit that indwells you that overcame death itself.

I'm learning right now to have a grateful heart no matter where I am. I just thank the Lord where I am and what I'm doing. I don't want to stop loving wherever I am.

I hope to share that love with everyone I come in touch with. We can love, we just cannot do it in and of ourselves.

This week find something small that your grateful for, whether it be hot water, food, or just a copy of the bible. Thank the Lord for it.

I'm planning on starting up a book/small group at the Shelby Broad River Coffee shop on Monday nights, please pray for this endeavor and if your interested in being apart of it let me know.