Monday, October 04, 2010

The Move In!

Morgan and I have moved into our new home in Pilot, NC. It's hard to believe that we have neared our ten month anniversary and have made a giant step to move to a new town and opportunity of making ourselves vulnerable to make new friends again.

It's hard saying Good-bye to people who have been very close to you for the last four years of your life. To know they have had such a huge impact in your life and helped develop you into the man that you are. I will forever be grateful to community in Boiling Springs and to customers at the Coffee shop. The time in Boiling Springs taught me a lot. A lot in which I will try and reflect on during the next weeks, months and years of my life. Thoughts that I hope to write about here.

"The Front Porch" named because our new house has an awesome screened in-front porch with an awesome view of the sunrise, means you the reader gets to share in what's going on in our little abode.

Thanks for taking part in our adventure and sharing it with us on the world wide web.