Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CDH Life

As you may or may not know, I'm in a program called the Community Discipleship House (CDH) which is through Crossroads Worldwide Ministries. It is a year long internship in which we live with eight other people and share life together by building community, following under the discipleship of Matt Orth, Clayton King and other strange characters. It has really been an exciting, adventurous life that has opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart.

We each have a bedroom that we share with another person. My roommate happens to be a guy from Glasgow, KY. His name is Nick Lewis and he really is on the opposite end of personality. He is your outdoors man, who likes to hunt, slack line, and pretty much anything that falls under the day of sun. He and I met at Crossroads Summer Camp and by the end of the Camp he was now my roommate at CDH. We have developed a great friendship and encouraging spurring on of Love and Good deeds.

So, I've always wanted to go on a cross country trip and just see this large yet small country that we live in. I've wanted to start in Wilmington, NC and end up in West Hollywood, CA (to see my friend Dallas Morgan). I thought that I would never get to do this because I wouldn't be able to find someone to go with me or the proper transportation and just the sheer task that it would be. Well, if you watch Oprah you would know 1)What's going on in the world and 2)What's about to be hot on the market, but most importantly you would know that she and her friend Gayle just went on a cross country road trip. When I found out about it I was hooked and the desire to go across the U.S. of A intensified. I talked with Nick and asked would he ever want to do something like this, as to where he responded, "Yeah". So as of right now we are beginning to plan a cross country trip from NC to CA up the pacific coast highway and then back over the northern part of the U.S. of A. Pray for us and most importantly please suggest of any odd things that we could see along the way that you might know of and possibly pass along the numbers of friends and family that may would help us out that happen to be spread out around the country. Again, It's the beginning stages of the planning and things will of course change.

We don't want to just go around the country to merely do something, we don't want to go and say we did it, we want to go around the country to be changed by it, to experience the greatness that we live in and to be in the right place at the right time for the right reasons.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yaye and Naye

The Parody Reverend. Comedy, well to some of you.

Monday, October 09, 2006

ESPN College Game Day

So as I made my trip to Florida this weekend to see the Gators play in The Swamp, I ended up being on ESPN College Game Day. It was a long day and I was very tired but it was worth the orange safety hard hat that I got and the three times that I was on TV. The funny thing about the whole thing is i'm not a big football fan of sorts but I was on the football of all football shows. We're safely back home now and enjoying all that is here to enjoy in Boiling Springs, NC. Plan on making a trip back to Anderson soon (October 20-22) I hope to see some people but if not, oh well. Have an awesome day my peeps.

Friday, October 06, 2006

KFC/Taco Bell Devotional One

So I just began the KFC/Taco Bell Combo and really enjoy it. I mean it's long, fast, and a lot to learn but it should be a good thing to stretch myself and expand in my life.

Yesterday I started my second day on the job and I have to tell you about the Combo, you never know who is going to work. I had some of the same people working with me but there only training at our store so they'll be gone soon. I started the actual line yesterday and it was fast. After the rush hour of lunch orders and all was a bit clean we on the back line and a chicken cook began to talk about relationships, commitment and marriage. I started to listen and all of a sudden wanted to say something so poignant that sounded so great to all of there hurting ears. Then it hit me, I couldn't say anything. I just stood and heard there hearts and minds.

Last night after the Demolition Derby, which was amazing 1) Cars bashing one another 2) a little Geo that was in the small car heat that not only implode an airbag, smoked one time really bad but restarted his little car three more times. 3) During the final round with all the best cars there was a somewhat injury, a scuffle if you will and the one finger salute between the final two remaining cars (Sudden Attitude and Slayer(driven by a woman)) I talked with my roommate about the combo and what had happened and then while we're talking it hit me what I had read in my time of quite earlier that day. James 1:19 Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Wow, if we as followers of Christ could just hear the hearts of some of these hurting people, ourselves included, instead of trying to give them all the right answers at once He might be able to do more through us. I guess my point is directed at me when I say I wish I would quit trying to say the right things, but instead do the right things and build the right relationships with the people He has intended. Be encouraged all and just remember it's a daily process one that requires the renewing of our minds, may we take a moment to just sit still in SILENCE (that sometimes being the loudest noise ever) allowing the creator to speak to his creation.

I'm headed to Florida this weekend to hang out at the LSU/Florida game with some of my roommates, ya'll keep um straight up there.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

KFC/Taco Bell Combo

Today work began at the KFC/Taco Bell Combo. I received my small shirt that had the smell of grease and the stains to back it up. I borrowed a pair of black pants (that is a must purchase soon item) from my roommate and I started during the lunch hour rush in the town of Boiling Springs, NC with its one stop light so it was all the rush you could get on the first day. It went well and I hope to do a great job and meet some people in the area.