Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Morning Reflection

Honesty is the best policy.

You've heard that one before but you know it's so true.

I hear our conversations and I listen to my own and I'll be honest, we are afraid to be honest and open.

Why? I'm not really sure. Maybe it's the fear paralyzes us to the point of not speaking in truth and in order to not look like a fool we resort to keeping quiet or to the point of speaking in lies. I admit, the lie is easier and more fun in the moment than having to put your whole self out on the limb to tell the honest truth of what is going on. Even if you don't know what is going on.

The Danger...

of keeping silent or telling the lie is that a root of bitterness really begins to grow and we become a people of envy, jealousy and provoking others to the point of them losing some dignity they may have.

How could this be who we were created to be? It isn't. We were created for more than that. We were created to have a base for our truth and a base on which to stand firm on.

The Solution...

is to speak in truth and love. Slow to speak if I may say and quick to listen but certainly speak. Speak wisely, just don't throw out promises after promises that you know deep down you can't meet. Don't be afraid even though you may miss the opportunity to share. There are other moments in life to share. Share early and not late. I don't know fully but I'm learning and that should be the goal.

As a body of believers we must become honest and get to the real issues of what we are thinking and feeling. We must do this with love, peace, gentleness, humility, and patience. It must be for more than just ourselves but for the body as a whole. We must not hold it in, or it will turn out like water ready to explode from a tea kettle shut tight.

Today listen in the silence share in the conversations.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I hope you're cool where you are. It's the hot and muggy time of year when all of our windows come down and the air flips on and we wished we had a pool to jump in or you go and jump in someone Else's pool.
I just got done watching the entire first season of the Cosby Show this past weekend. I have now again become a fan of Bill Cosby. I forgot how much I liked that show and how much it really was apart of my life growing up. I recommend that you watch a sometimes corny, but mostly funny show that really valued family, doing your best and culture.
I think that we could all use a lesson in those areas of our lives. I know that it's a TV show and that I shouldn't live in some fantasy but I really do think that the time of loving your wife/husband for forty six years is possible again. I think that the idea of taking some responsibility for our actions could be reintroduced to our day in and day out lives.
Lastly, as far as culture is concerned, there is a ton of art and music that could be rediscovered to our generation. I just bought a couple of songs from the show that were really good, and not just good to the ear but good for deep down in the soul. Lena Horne and John Coltrane, WOW. I think that this month should be the month of Jazz. I at least want to become more familiar with a really good form of art and style.

Today thank the Lord for the family that Loves you and if you don't have a family that loves you maybe you should start loving someone that doesn't have a family.
Today thank the Lord for the opportunities that you have and if you feel oppressed maybe today is the day to make opportunities.
Today thank the Lord for the melting pots of cultures that exist in one country and if you don't have any in your town than use the medium of technology that you're reading this on to find some different cultural experiences. Let us begin to suck all of the experiences out of this gift of Life that we have.