Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Look

A new look for a new chapter in life, beginning August 7th.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


So this morning at 10am, I did it, I ate Livermush. It may sound disturbing, it may make you want to gag, or even black out, but this southern delicacy wasn't nothing to play around with. It was really good. I went with another Crossroads staff member over to the Snack Shop were we partook in such a dish. I have to admit that I was really nervous about trying it, but if I was going to be living here for the upcoming year I had to try it. It came out on toast, in the form of a sandwich. It really looked like a sausage patty, but did not have a sausage taste. The sandwich was cut in half and on one half we smeared strawberry jam (that would make you want to slap your grandma)and on the other half it was left plain. I took my first bite not knowing what to expect, when to my tastebuds I found nothing but goodness.

I think that the only reason we are afraid to try it, is because of the name and of all the horrific stories we've heard of people who tried it, but were turned off by it, because it didn't live up to there expectations or just wasn't something they could truly finish because the sacrifice to the stomach was to much. It kind of reminds me of following Christ. I'm not saying that Christ should be compared to Livermush, but I am saying that just like being afraid of eating Livermush, I've seen so many kids over the past three weeks afraid to put there life and trust of that life in the hands of Jesus Christ. Your not sure at first what it's going to be like. You've maybe seen the bad TV evangelists and you think you have to be like that. You've been around the holier than thou folks and they left a bad taste in your mouth, maybe like the first time you ever had liver by itself. So, when it comes to following Christ with all you got your not sure what to think, you just know that people tell you, you need it, and that once you decide to follow Jesus you'll stop doing bad things and you'll be bored the rest of your life. Except it's more than just keeping you from doing bad things, because if that's all that Jesus came to do than he really did waste a lot of his time, because the law was used to keep you from doing bad things. No, Jesus was more than that, He was a conqueror of death, He was one that claimed to be God in the flesh and then died an innocent death and rose from the dead three days later where he spent time with those who knew him when he was alive. A He was a friend to the friendless, He was a doctor to the sick and he looked for people who didn't match up to the standards of the day to follow Him and to do great things in his name. He asks that you believe in Him and who He claimed to be and how he proved it and to love him with all your heart, and to love your neighbor with all your heart no matter what might happen. He connects you to God, He truly is the bridge between God and mankind. His spirit of truth guides you on this big ball of dirt and unleashes the person you were created to be.

The beautiful thing about it, is along this unknown journey you might have with Jesus you can question things just like questioning the waitress about what's in Livermush. He is a big God and if you don't believe it think about the last time you saw a sun setting behind those large oak trees on the hill across the way. You can also trust that He want leave your side, it may get quite and you might not feel it, but that's the time as I heard one Youth Pastor say the first week at camp, is the time to practice your faith and to use it all the more. It's also the reason you need someone to come along with you, just like I had this morning. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, that's up to you, but as I've journeyed over the past two years, I've needed Him and I will always need Him. He created me for something, and believes I can do it with his help, that's more than some earthly fathers I know will tell you. I can vouch for the following statement, "YOU MATTER TO GOD." Break the walls down that hold you back from truly expressing yourself and from truly putting your trust into Jesus Christ and your obedience to God and the plans he has for your life. Let go of past experiences that left you broken, bitter, and confused and grab a hold of Faith, Hope, and Love. This journey you have to try it for yourself at times and to test it, but the cool thing about it is that there are others out there, maybe beside you who are genuinely wanting to take a first step on the journey with you. Like the Livermush took control of my tastebuds this morning and made me think why it's not a national past time food, you have to let God take you on this journey and chase the moments that could be the greatest you ever had and the greatest for all generations to come.

A) (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hello Madda, Hello Fadda, It's Brent Sears from Crossroads Summer Camps and i'm just extending an overdue Howdy. It has been an awesome three weeks in Boiling Springs, NC. I've sweated like a pig about to go into the slaughter house, i've drank more water than the fish in the lake, and i'm about to completely understand the unsantized conditions of community showers. I mean if your nice enough to leave a community bar of soap, have the decenacy not to steal it.

The third week has kicked off strong and i'm looking forward to kicking off the fourth and final week of camp. It has been awesome to meet some great guys and gals from all over the southeast and some northerns, (YANKEE). However, they don't act like them in any shape or form. I've hung out with some awesome kids from all over the southeast as well. One of my favorites was a guy named Hunter who had the deepest southern GA. accent one young man could have. He worked on a chicken farm, in which the question was asked, "Do the chickens have large talons?" He didn't really get, but he did share some great insights on chicken farming, so if I ever decide to take up that hobby or profession i'll have some forsight into the business.

I miss you all and hope that you all are well. I know that i'm exactly where I need to be. It just amazes me that a guy from Anderson, SC who recently quit his job and had no idea that he would be here, gets to really be here. In order to ignite a reaction you really do need to break the status quo and shake things up. I've learned that is really how God shines his faithfulness, when you are faithful to his call on your life. He really is longing to connect with us and can only do so if, we just open ourselves up to it. I use to think that he was far away and only picked really cool people to do things, but the truth is he really picks, geeks, freaks, and uniques to do some pretty extradionary things, I mean have you read the Bible.

I thank you all for your support, prayers, and friendships over the past years. I never knew that three summers ago when I went through one of the hardest times of my life that this would truly be the wake-up from the break-up. You all continue to shine, continue to laugh and by all means chase the one who created you to be unique through the relationship that puts to shame all relationships, the relationship between father and children, husband and wife, and mystery. May we all become the individuals that Jesus died to unleash and may we all live in such a way that when people looked at us, they couldn't help but to stop and look up at the stars and say that the same one who created all that created the community of people that i'm looking at. In Jesus' name, Amen.

P.S. If you hadn't tried Livermush you really ought to get your hands on some. I plan to let you know how it taste in a week or so.