Friday, February 04, 2011

Coming Home


We're Coming Home!

After a few months of living in this amazing house in the country with a pond and large space called a backyard. Morgan and I have decided we are moving back to Boiling Springs. This decision wasn't easy but one we knew we had to make.

We moved to the area for school and work. Upon arriving here and not being able to find work for almost two months are spirits grew weak. We did find jobs finally, Morgan a full time job and myself a part time job. We have enjoyed them and what they have taught us, but the whole reason we moved here was for school. We aren't going to the school we had planned to go to. Instead, after much thought and discussion we enrolled in online classes. With that being our new direction there really isn't anything that holds us down here. We like Raleigh, but our Boiling Springs/Shelby/Mountains have the biggest place in our hearts.

It seems kind of tragic to move all the way up here just to turn around and move right back. Well, it's not. This few months has taught us so much and has played a large part in developing us as a couple and individuals.

This is not a regrettable season. I only regret that we can't move this house with us. We miss our friends in Boiling Springs and look forward to rekindling those relationships and will deeply miss the few people that we began to connect with here in Raleigh.

Life is so much more than Conquering great things. It really is about connecting with those around you. Learning to work with them, share with them and experience life with them. It is also about finding contentment in the small things which really leads to Conquering great things.

We will miss you Pilot, but you will have a place in Morgan and I's heart as being the place which we really learned to depend on and communicate with each other.