Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's Saturday morning and I was going to run 5 miles, when my knee started hurting and the fog was to thick. I shall wait til later in the day.

It's given me time to catch up on some things, like reflecting.

How often do you reflect? I know I don't as often as I should. I usually only reflect when times are good rather when there bad.

I look through life only how I want to see it. However, if we are new creations in Christ we should be looking through the lens of His vision not only for our earthly lives, but for our neighbors and His name sake.

I get so frustrated at circumstances that I can't control and often forget the moments I could chose to alter history and create a better outcome.

To recap my Christmas. It was quick. However, I did manage to eat at the Waffle House for the second year running, I think that is Tradition now. I was able to see a new movie in theaters and even chase a dog into the back yard after an hour and a half, more of that to come later this week.

I guess I just want to not worry so much about situations I can't change, but spend my energy and time on the circumstances of Life I can change with His strength, that's my attitude. I want it to be humble, obedient, and severing. That I could comfort, encourage, and urge people to live a life worthy of God for that is the meaning of life, for we were wired that way to explore new depths and heights of His love, for God does love you and loves you so much to not see you decay in the frustrations of life but to live abundantly in the joy of Himself and the pleasures of this day that He has created.

This Holiday live. Wake up from the slumber of Fog, the weight of fruitcake and run, breathe, experience the newness of the day and remember the Fog does eventually rise up and moves on, so should you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Run Against The Wind

That's what I did today at 3 pm in the afternoon. Week 3 began today and it was 36 degrees and windy.

I really didn't want to run today because it was so cold and I had stuff I needed to do, but they were really all excuses.

While running back to the house, I was running straight into the wind and it was one of those moments in which I just wanted to stop running and start walking. It hit me that's like so many of us in our everyday lives. Will see the worst in people, jobs, situations, and even running. Suddenly, will just want to stop and give up. Today, I challenge you not to stop running, but to keep running and realize that the troubles may never seem to end, but that's what you thought about the last big epic struggle in your life and didn't you seem to make it through.

Learn from this one so that when you feel the wind kick up and start blowing in your face on a cold day in life, no you'll be home soon for that's were the prize is. It's a cold glass of water or a hot shower.

If these analogies didn't fit your situation plug in what works. Just don't stop running and when you feel alone ask someone to run along with you, for life was meant to be done together.

Merry Christmas and don't drink to much eggnog or eat to many cookies.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You There?

I'm here and I'm sorry for the delay of keeping everyone up to date with my life. I guess I was to busy learning that there are only three words in the English vocabulary that look like this. Roomkeeper, Bookkeeper, Innkeeper. Thanks Pat Sajack from the Wheel of Fortune.

So what has been going on with me seems to be the most asked question these days.

Well, not to terribly much except for what I'm about to blog about.

I want everyone to know right now that I'm training for a Half Marathon because of health, getting fit for India, and lastly for the celebration of Nick and Caroline getting married.

I plan on running in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon and look forward to training and actually running in it.

I could use the encouragement and prayers for I'm great at starting something, like running and not finishing.

This all came about after a recent stint of cooking which I've really enjoyed.

If you know me, I used to hate buying groceries and even cooking. I nearly burnt a house down one time cooking fajitas. I've been cooking though for about four weeks now pretty regularly and actually buying groceries, not just a few items but a shopping cart worth.

These things are all apart of an effort to do something each year that I have never done before.

The first day of training went well. It happened to be windy and 41 degrees, and I ran all two miles with everything I had. Today I shall run another 2 miles and can't wait. Running with people really helps and brings more meaning to Do It Together Sometimes.

Have a great day and I'll keep you posted.