Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Back

It has been a few months and weeks since I last left a word for you to read over. It has been a journey over the past few months. One I was not really expecting to journey down but nonetheless one that has been joyous and eye opening.

I'm writing this blog in response to a request for a blog to be written. I normally like to write these with a little inspiration backing them, but for Lauren Biggs I'll write one regardless.

I would love to give you a run down of life right now.
1) I'm still working at Broad River Coffee Company and love it. I get to meet a wide variety of people that remind me that People are People and that we really need some help in this thing called life.
2) Still living with my brothers Nick and Justin who continually remind me that I need sharpening and that the best way to do that is let them Sharpen you.
3) I have an opportunity to preach on May 18th at pastor friends church in the research triangle of NC. So you fine readers keep me in your prayers.
4) Hoping to take my grandmother to New York in the early part of June so if you have any suggestions of places to see and things to do pass those along.
5) Still planning on going to Malaysia. (July 28-August 9) Pray for me and that the trip. That I'll be open to the spirit of Truth and what God wants to say to me and how He wants to use me.
6) That we have a choice to live a life that Honors God or Dishonors God. We can choose to make much of Him by the way we treat ourselves and others. I guess i'm just understanding that we can really by the grace of God and his strength make Him known by the way talk, walk, and live. May we really clothe ourselves with gentleness, compassion, humility, kindness, forgiveness, and be motivated by the Love of a father that first loved us.
7) My Birthday is May 13th and I will be 24, oh my.

Until next time.