Wednesday, April 08, 2009

White Chocolate Scone

There is nothing I love more than a White Chocolate Scone from the Broad River Coffee Company.

I love them and this morning as I was at work preparing for the day and getting things in order for opening. I saw that there was one White Choc. scone left and it appeared to have my name on it. I took it out of the container that it was sitting in very carefully as I would for anyone who would be ordering it. Set it down on a plate and put it to the side. As I went about my work, I kept thinking that I really shouldn't eat that scone, I really shouldn't eat that scone. I was caught in a tug of war of I should and shouldn't. The stomach was hungry and I sensed it would be a busy day and I didn't have any Wheaties left so I should eat. Then I remember the four and half donuts that I ate the other night and realized if I want to run this half-marathon well coming up in a couple weeks that I should probably watch what I put into my body and adding a white choc. scone would not advance the cause but rather slow it down or potentially ruin it. I took it off the plate and placed it back in the container.

Today as I ran for what seemed like eternity I thought about the spirit of Self-Control and how it is a fruit of the spirit.

How often do we pray to God to have this fruit bearing spirit in our lives?

So often we sense that we shouldn't but we do it. We slow down the cause or even ruin it because the stomach is hungry and we don't rely on the bread of life who said I will fill you spiritually, namely, Jesus Christ.

I want to run the race of life controlled by the Lord who is the way to become truly human, the life that gives me the ability and that being the truth that sets me free.

Grace is our teacher and may it continue to patiently deal with us all and lead us in the way of self-control.


Mermaid said...

Self control is a hard thing to master. Then again God gave us free will so that we had to choose to master ourselves... another blessing which I'm pretty sure I've ignored. Personally, the scone would have won.

erin.dalton said...

oh em gee. you're preachin' brother. thanks.