Tuesday, November 09, 2010


We stand up for things everyday whether we know it or not.

It happens over breakfast, driving to work, walking to lunch and even after supper at the TV.

I'm afraid that I will stand up for the wrong things. Such as, what I want to watch without ever considering what my wife wants to watch. Just because its always been the "mans domain" doesn't mean that it actually is.

I'm afraid that I will not stand up for the co-worker who is embarrassed verbally by another co-worker.

I'm afraid that I will allow my health to get away from me that would prevent me from seeing my children grow old and my grandchildren be born.

I'm afraid that I will cower in a situation that calls for me to meet an opportunity that I know I have the resources to take care of.

I'm afraid that I will stand back and never truly allow myself to be vulnerable to a community of people because I'm afraid that they will just lead me astray like all the other people in my life.

I'm afraid that I will simply let life pass me by with a lot of regrets in the end, and in turn spend the short amount of time left simply trying to make things right. It might be too late.

I'm afraid that I want stand for truth and allow just the slightest half truth to reign forever.

I'm afraid that I just want STAND!

What will you stand up for today? Treating your employees better, sacrificing time with/for your wife, co-worker, seeking out the truth or just sitting back and letting that most important time pass you by.

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